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2570 Newland Road
Warsaw, VA 22572


2015 Rate Schedule


Campsites Cottages Boats
People enjoy the great outdoors at Heritage Park any time of the year, but we like it  best when the weather cooperates.  Fishing - Not necessarily dependent on weather conditions - is best starting in late February.  The big Catfish start biting then and continue until about June.  Pan size fish are plentiful through most of the year. 

Hiking, antiquing in nearby Tappahannock or Warsaw, touring the wine trail or exploring the Northern Neck for historic or scenic attractions can be fun anytime of the year.  In the Spring, Summer and Fall we have fairs and festivals in many of the small towns.

Campers usually enjoy the facility from about March to October, but our sites are available all year.  Cottage rentals are suitable for a getaway any time of year since they are fully weatherized with heat and air conditioning.

Campsite Rentals - Nightly Rates
Inquire about monthly rates
Tent Camping

$23/nite for up to 2 people
Water & Electric Sites

$25/nite for up to 2 people
Water, Electric & Sewer

$32/nite for up to 2 people


Each additional guest (4 years and older)    $3/nite
Additional camping units (tents) $17/nite
Maximum of 6 people/site
Pets on Leash Okay for Campsite Rentals

Shaded Campsites

Annual Rate
for year-round campsites
Only $250/month plus electricity.
For recreational use only. Cannot establish residency.

Available Year-Round
Heated & A/C
Four 2-bedroom cottages
One 1-bedroom cottage

Picnic Table & Grill

Dining & Living Room
Full Bath
Towels & Linens
Kitchen including coffeemaker, microwave, toaster, dishware, silverware, glassware;
does not include pots and pans.

Cottage Rentals:

Available Year Round
Memorial Day Weekend
through Labor Day
Off Season
$125/nite (2 night minimum)
$690/week for up to 4 people  
$95/nite - no minimum
$575/week for up to 4 people
No Pets allowed in cottages
No Smoking permitted in cottages

Each additional guest (4 years and older)  $10/nite
Looking for a Great Getaway?
Try Value Packages

Sleeps 6 people max

Two Bedroom Cottage Floor Plan
Two bedrooms with double beds in each.  Sleeps
sleeps 4 people max
One Bedroom Cottage Floor Plan
One bedroom with a double bed, plus a set of
bunk beds in a sleeping alcove.  Sleeps 4

Make Reservations Today 1-804-333-4038

Romantic Getaway Ideas
Inexpensive date ideas from various sources.

1. Check out a how-to-massage book and give each another massages.

2. Make sticky rolls together, save some from the kids and eat the rest!

3. Organize photos together.

4. Read a book by mutually liked author to one another.

5. Fix a stir-fry dinner for two, together, and feed each other with chop sticks, or if you are used to chop sticks, try forks, or use your hands. Or blind fold yourselves and feed each other.

6. Read old love letters out loud (only old love letters to each other, if there are other love letters still around then have a fun date burning them and roast marshmallows) - write new love letters to each other.

7. Have a candlelight picnic for two in the living room. Be sure to use paper plates, etc. so you don't have to clean-up afterwards.

8. Do a crossword puzzle together.

9. Buy each of you your favorite candy bar and each hide the others. Then play a guessing game of where it is. When you guess where yours is, you get to have it.

10. Eat spaghetti from the same plate (just like in The Lady and The Tramp) and if you both happen to be eating on the same strand of spaghetti you get to kiss when you eat your way to the other.

11. Check out a joke book and take turns reading jokes to one another.

12. It's a safe neighborhood.. go for a walk. It's fun to look at the nature's world at her own pace.

13. Sit down together and each of you write out twenty things you like about your spouse. Share them.

14. Go on a night hike. Pick a safe trail and bring a flashlight.

15. Ask another family or couple who participate in a sport or activity you would like to learn to teach you (fishing   canoeing, sailing, etc.) Offer to teach them something you know.

16. Set a specific amount of money (like five dollars) and go to a store. Each of you buy the other a treat.

17. Build and fly a kite.



Ramp Fee

Boat Launch $5/boat, plus $3/person admission.
$3/Kayak or Canoe & $3/person admission.
Launch fee is a 1 time fee for camping and cottage guests who launch a boat or kayak.

Check on camping or cottage availability by E-mail

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