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A Brief History
In 1707 Dr. Joseph Belfield received a land grant from King George for his service in the British Navy. The resulting plantation known as Belle Mount was built high on a hill overlooking the Rappahannock River. Three generations of Belfields lived on the plantation and today many Belfields still live in the Northern Neck.  The original plantation home is believed to have been bombed by the British in the War of 1812, but the expansive view of the river still remains as impressive as it was in 1707.

In 1980 the property was developed into a private membership facility called Belle Mount Country Club. Later it was called Heritage Resorts along with a twin facility located about an hour's drive from here. In 1992 Catherine and Ray Petrie have made the facility open to the public for year-round recreation and accommodations. The 243-acre natural wildlife setting lends itself beautifully to camping and cottage retreats.  With acres of trees, trails and overlooks there are adventures for everyone.

Each year our circle of friends grows larger and larger.  We love the opportunity to enjoy the thrills of fishing, swimming, camping and hiking with our adventure loving guests. It's the perfect chance to seek out solitude or explore the historic sites, charter cruises, winery or berry farms. Our reservation office has maps, brochures and tour guide information to help you get the most out of your vacation or retreat.

Group Tours

Home of Francis Lightfoot Lee, built in 1769

I see the brick chimneys and hand hewn timbers are still standing tall above the rubble.


Menokin Ruins

With special arrangements we are proud to offer guided tours to the
restoration project for the plantation home of

Francis Lightfoot Lee
Signer of the Declaration of Independence



Rare tour of hidden treasures on Virginia's Northern Neck

Dancing Point - Overlooking Menokin Bay -  the Tribal Grounds of the Rappahannock Indians.

See Menokin Bay from the location once occupied by the Rappahannock Indians. The view is as unspoiled today as it was hundreds of years ago. Learn about the culture of the Native Americans that first settled on the bountiful shores of the Northern Neck.

Colonial Feast - Enjoy a meal prepared from 18th century recipes using fresh local ingredients.  Chesapeake Bay crabs, oysters, clams, shrimp and fish are often part of our menu.
Theatrical Presentation - A re-enactment from the life of Francis Lightfoot Lee.
Francis Lightfoot Lee's Home - Menokin Ruins, a State and National Historic Landmark.

With a local historian you will learn how the original plans used to build the Menokin Plantation are also helping to save the ruins from destruction.  View the grounds and share the excitement of how this colonial "Georgian" style home, with large sandstone blocks,  was constructed like homes of the gentry in the English countryside.


Tours can be customized to meet your needs and timeframe. We offer group tours on a year-round basis and would be happy to help plan your visit to the Northern Neck of Virginia.

Let us help you plan a tour



Dancing Point

Canoes, Kayaks and jonboats are perfect for Menokin Bay

 Once the home of the Rappahannock Indians, this historic shoreline on Menokin Bay offered a bountiful source of seafood, game and raw materials for thousands of years.  Menokin Bay is part of Cat Point Creek, which winds it's way 10 miles downstream to the Rappahannock River.

The unspoiled scenic beauty is still enjoyed by many visitors today.


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